Homesteading Life Conference Women's Retreat 2023

By Homesteading Life Conference (other events)

Fri, Oct 27 2023 8:00 AM CDT Sat, Oct 28 2023 5:00 PM CDT

Welcome to the 1st Annuual Homesteading Life Womans Retreat! 

Stacy of "Off Grid with Doug and Stacy" on Social media will be hosting this years event. She lives off grid in a log cabin with her husband of 24 years. They grow 90% of thier own food and live 100% off of rain water. They raise sheep and chickens and guinea on 11 acres in the Midwest USA. 

She will be sharing her knowledge in the areas of skin care, wound care, and how to stay heathly in a toxic world. 

Homesteading Life Conference has also secured other women who are experts in thier field of Hollistic Treatments, Homeschooling, Managing Grocery store food labels, Fermenting and making Probiotics and other topics that could help you, your family and friends.

There will be other topics and we will keep you updated on the website 

* This event includes lunch each day and Dinner on Friday plus Drinks